Creating your Fine Art Property Photograph Wall Art

Initial Contact


When you enquire about a Fine Art Property Photograph for your home or business we’ll have a chat about what you want and what to expect, I’ll get to know a little about you and your home. If you’re within an hour of me, I’m in Bradford in glorious Yorkshire, I’ll come and have a look at your house to see if it’s suitable for a Fine Art Portrait. I’ll show you a couple of samples of an amazing metal print so you can really imagine your own home as a large print on the wall.

If you’re not within an hour we’ll have a video call to have a chat and see if your home is suitable.

We’ll agree a date and time for me to come and photograph your home. This will have to be flexible due to the nature of our beautiful unpredictable British weather! I can work in slight drizzle but if it’s tipping it down or blowing a gale we may have to rearrange so we make sure we get the best out of your home.

The Photographic Process


On the day I will arrive at your house around an hour before sunset, with my assistant aka my wonderful husband. This gives us time to make sure everything is tidy, objects are in the most aesthetically pleasing place, we’re both happy with how your home will look and to give us a chance to set the camera up in the best place to capture the photos.

The initial photos will be taken around 30 minutes before sunset, this gives me the base images for your artwork.

The next set is taken at sunset, if we’re lucky we’ll get a beautiful sky to compliment the finished image. If the sky isn’t kind to us I can use my editing skills to improve that.

We’ll wait a little while until it gets completely dark. in winter that’s quite quick, in summer it does take a little longer. We’ll ask you to put all the lights on inside so we can capture the details inside. Once we’ve done that we’ll use our specialist lighting technique to light any personal possessions, especially the ones that are special to you so really want to be seen in the final artwork.

Once we’ve finished inside we’ll use our specialist lighting technique outside to bring out the character and personality of your home.

The final stage is to make sure that we’ve got every image that we need to be able to create your heirloom piece of art that you can pass on down the generations to remember your family home.

Behind the scenes photographing a house showing the set up
Behind the scenes photographing a house
Back of camera when photographing The Crown Hotel in Harrogate
Behind the scenes photographing a The Crown Hotel Harrogate

The Editing Process


After I’ve captured all your images, of which I may have 100 – 200 images to choose from, I edit them down to around 40-60 images depending on the complexity of the property that I’ll use in the final photograph. I’ll put them into sections of the main part of the house, the sky at sunset, the ones inside showing the lights and rooms, the light painting of the personal possessions, the light painting outside and finally any additional images that are need to complete the finished artwork.

Once I’ve selected all the files I need for the building I start layering them together to create the base image. This brings out all the detail and character of the property, often details that you wouldn’t notice.

The next stage is to bring out the details inside the house, this takes many layers. A camera can’t see as much dynamic range as your eyes can so I manually select different exposures to bring out all the rage from the brightest to the darkest.

The inside lights are then blended into the building to give the photo a balance between the lights and the building.

I use the light painting that I’ve done inside to bring out your personal possessions so you can really see the detail of them to bring back memories of those special moments.

The next stage is the outside light painting. This creates shape, interest and pools of light to draw you eyes into the image. Each individual pool of light is mixed with the property base image to give great details of the building.

When I get a great sky to photograph on the day I’ll bring out the colour, the texture and shapes to compliment your home. Sometimes I’m not lucky with the weather so I’ve taken years to build up a library of suitable skies to use. I want the sky to compliment your property so if I have to replace the sky I look at the overall photographic feeling to compliment the artwork.

Once all the layers have been put together I look at the complete Fine Art style of the photograph and use light and shade to complete the transform of the initial images into an amazing piece of artwork for your wall.

The Finished Product


Having taken so much time and creativity to produce your piece of art, your Fine Art Property Photography wall art is presented on a fantastic metal print. This is produced by fusing a photograph onto a thin panel of aluminium. This specialist printing process picks up all the detail that I’ve created inside your home, on the walls of the building, the garden and the sky, giving the photographic art a real depth with beautiful colour definition making your home really come to life.

My standard size of photographic art is the 30×20 metal print which is a fantastic size to be hung on your wall over a fireplace or sofa. There are larger sizes available to make your wall art stand out even more.

Example of house artwork hung on a wall

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