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What’s the best time of day to photograph a property?

The best time to photograph a property really depends on what you want to achieve. If you want a bright sunny photo you need to look where the sun is to illuminate the parts that you want it to light.

Getting the right time of day depends on which way the property faces. The sun rises in the east so if your property faces east then a morning photo will make the front of your property look great because it'll be lit up by the morning sun. On the other hand if it faces west then a photo in the afternoon sun will light up the front of your building just right. It's like nature's spotlight!

The Golden Hour is often a time that photographers love. This is the time around sunset when the sun is just going down but there is still some light left in the sky. This can give some lovely glow to the lights and details inside the windows with some colour still in the sky casting a warm and cosy light all around.

Depending on the time of year makes a big difference to what time this is. In the middle of winter it can be as early as 3 o’clock whereas in summer it can be as late as 10 o’clock. It also depends on where you are in the country. The further north you are the later the sunrise and early the sunset giving shorter days. The timing of this beautiful golden hour really dances to the rhythm of the seasons and your location.

For my style of photography I photograph the property just before sunset then wait until it is dark to photograph it again with the lights on. This gives me a great range of exposures to mix together to get a very different look to how your eyes see an image or how a camera can capture an image. By picking out the lights and the inside details makes the building look at its very best.

Determining the best time of day to photograph a property is crucial in achieving a stunning image. Whether you're a professional property photographer or just looking to take some great shots of your own property, the time of day plays a significant role in the overall outcome.

In summary, determining the best time of day to photograph a property depends on the desired lighting and the direction the property faces. Whether you're aiming for a bright and sunny photo or a warm and glowing Golden Hour shot, taking the time to plan out the best time of day for your property photography can make a significant difference in the final outcome.

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