Bespoke property photography for homeowners & businesses

Beautiful fine art photography that captures the charm of your property, embodies your cherished memories, and enhances the wall decor of your home or business.

The perfect addition to your home

Homes are where we make special memories with our families, friends and pets. Where we share love and can be at our most comfortable, with no restrictions or limitations. They act as our safe zones where we can treasure and celebrate our lives, and also build our dreams for the future. We capture all of the character and personality that makes up your home, to create a unique and distinctive fine wall artwork full of nostalgia for your home.

Our photography will showcase the beauty of your property’s exterior, whilst reminding you of the warmth and happiness that continuously comes from within. The dedication that goes into acquiring and maintaining a home is often not celebrated enough. Our art serves as a reminder for homeowners to be proud of their homes, inside and out. In the event that you move your happy place to a new home, the photography will function as an heirloom that ensures your treasured memories live on.

Bungalow fine art property photograph above a sofa
Bungalow fine art property photograph above a sofa
Crown Hotel Harrogate in a fine art style photograph
Crown Hotel Harrogate in a fine art style photograph

Make your business stand out

Fine art property photography is a fabulous addition for a business. The relationship between people, their surroundings and their memories should not be understated. Our one of a kind pieces help strengthen this bond - by delivering a vibrant and impressive visual of your business property that welcomes your visitors and customers. Owners and staff can also reflect on the photography themselves and take pride in their daily surroundings.

Our specialist techniques, alongside our quality and attention to detail, will ensure you are left with an impressive feature that will stand out. Your business property will be accurately captured in a manner that displays all of its finest details and character. The final goal - to increase interest, strengthen experiences and lead to further demand of your services.

Use your bespoke image on unique cards to give to your clients to show that you appreciate them. In response they're more likely to book with you again.

Our unique process

The process of creating your bespoke property artwork is built up of three main stages - the photography process, the editing process and the presentation of your finished product. From your initial contact with us through to the project finalising, we will use all of our quality, knowledge and skill to produce a premium metal print artwork for your wall.
With over 15 years of photography experience we have the confidence to shoot your property at it’s finest, no matter its shape or size. To learn more about our process, including our use of specialist lighting techniques, creative editing and careful compositing, please visit our designated process page.

Our photography will showcase the beauty of your property’s exterior, whilst reminding you of the warmth and happiness that continuously comes from within. The dedication that goes into acquiring and maintaining a home is often not celebrated enough. Our art serves as a reminder for homeowners to be proud of their homes, inside and out. In the event that you move your happy place to a new home, the photography will function as an heirloom that ensures your treasured memories live on.

Behind the scenes taking photo of a house
Behind the scenes taking photo of a house

Step 1

Book a Call to have a chat about what you want

Step 2

The Photoshoot at your home or business

Step 3

Post production of your images to make them look their absolute best

Step 4

Delivery of your Artwork or Digital Images

Kitchen and breakfast bar
Kitchen and breakfast bar

Are you an Architect, Interior Designer, Boutique Hotel or an Air BnB Owner?

As a professional business owner involved in architecture, interior design or hospitality you need to show your property to the highest standard with the features being shown in their best light. Showcase your property's design and features giving attention to detail which reflects your commitment to excellence.

On your website and social media, professional photographs create a great first and positive lasting impression and shows the quality of your business enabling you to charge premium prices.

To stand out in a crowded market and distinguish yourself from your competitors it's essential that you go the extra mile in showcasing your unique assets, the character of the property and interiors that you've designed and are so proud of.

Photography Services

Fine Art Photography Print

Create a unique Artwork of your home or business to proudly display on your wall for all your customers and friends to admire.

Detached house in a Fine Art Photograph
Detached house in a Fine Art Photograph

Interiors and Exteriors

Show the exterior and interior of your property business to create a positive first impression, attract high value clients and to stand out in a crowded market.

Interior of loft apartment
Interior of loft apartment with a red brick wall


Fine Art Exterior

  • Consultation about your Fine Art property photograph
  • The photoshoot of your property taking around 3-4 hours
  • Full professional editing of your home or business
  • High quality digital image for your social media and brochures
  • Large metal print artwork for your wall.

Completed Artwork for your wall from £1800

Interiors and Exteriors

  • Photoshoot at your property
  • High quality digital images for printing, website and social media
  • Full editing of your images
  • Keywording of all your images
  • 15 digital images £190
  • 30 digital images £340
  • 45 digital images £480
Behind the scenes photographing The Crown Hotel Harrogate
Behind the scenes photographing The Crown Hotel Harrogate


A talk from an architectural photographer was the catalyst that would lead me into the creation of Fine Art Property Photography. After listening to the talk, I was instantly inspired by the artistic possibilities of architectural photography. The work and images on show got my creativity buzzing and I couldn’t wait to experiment further within the field. After undergoing the correct specialist training, I felt ready to set up the business and to show others the beauty of property photography.

Alongside the creativity and skill I put into each artwork, I also make it a priority to offer a friendly and personal service to meet all of your bespoke expectations and requirements. From doing so, I have received excellent feedback from clients and many of these have led to future recommendations/commissions.

With Fine Art Property Photography I have found a true passion of mine, where I can help others capture the detail, personality, and memories of their family home. The very same reasons that led me to pick up a camera for the first time after the birth of my children. I loved being able to capture their emotions, personalities, and all of our memories together.

My personal journey as a photographer developed in stages from that point on. By 2009, it was somewhat inevitable that professional photography would take over from my occupation as a teacher. I first began with studio work, mainly capturing other families and children. During this time I proudly became a Licentiate of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers, before going on to gain further experience within the commercial world – working on shoots for jewellery, beds, scissors, and many more products.


Farmhouse with character lit in a fine art style
Character Farmhouse

Beautiful Farmhouse

In 1994 we purchased farm buildings consisting of a dairy, mistle and a barn. This was turned in to a traditional family home by my late father.

Karen and Victor turned up as arranged late one afternoon whilst I was working at home. They must have been working for at least 4 hours or more in the freezing cold and my job was just to turn lights on and off throughout this time.

Having seen lots of Karen’s work over many years, I knew whatever she did – it would be brilliant.

The image of the house took my breath away. I could not believe this was my home. I had to look twice!

It was a mixture of such vibrant colours in a beautiful sunset. It looked modern and yet still held such a strong traditional image.

I often look at this picture with such pride. Somehow the colours seem to reflect all my memories of a well-loved family home. It actually brings my home to life.


Crown Hotel Harrogate in a fine art style photograph
Crown Hotel in Harrogate

Crown Hotel Harrogate

I was looking to get a new picture for the reception area, the one that we had was quite dull so we needed something a but brighter, something that would catch the customers eye.

So I contacted Karen and commissioned her to create this wonderful photograph.

The colours are amazing and they really stand out, she's done a fantastic job and this metal print takes pride of place just by reception.

The picture of the Crown Hotel looks amazing, so I'd like to thank Karen for the amazing job she's done . We appreciate very much the work that she's done and it's great to be working with her.

Detached house photographed at Christmas
Amazing Detached House

Amazing detached house

In my business as a financial adviser, attention to detail is very important. I approached Karen about her ‘house portrait’ service, and I have to admit, attention to detail for this had to be as good as in my profession.
Karen, and her assistant (husband), came to my house last December, and spent a full afternoon arranging the front of the house and amending the lighting several times.
This was difficult for the inside of the house as they had to rely on me following instructions for that!!
The results that came from this were a ‘Wow’ spectacular and myself and my wife are now choosing an appropriate frame to put the resultant portrait in, so we can show this off in our house.
I would recommend Karen’s house portrait service to anyone who wants a great memory of their residential property, as this can obviously be kept, and displayed, for years.
Several of my neighbours and friends have already shown an interest in this service.
Thanks Karen


FAQ about Fine Art Property Photographs

I am based within the Halifax area and I am able to cover most of the north of England including Harrogate, Ilkley, Huddersfield, Bradford and many more around Yorkshire. Please reach out to me directly regardless of your location and we can discuss all possibilities.

Costs vary depending on the size of your property, any specific requests you may have, and the size of the photographic art you choose. Prices are from £1800 or for a more detailed quote please get in touch, .

For interior and exterior photography prices start at £190

You are able to buy Fine Art Property Photography services as a gift. However, we because of the bespoke nature of the work we would ask that a conditional agreement is set prior to purchase based upon the location and the property itself.

We would estimate on an average project, that a proof will be ready to be shared with you within 20 working days after our photographic process. Once we then have your approval, the finished metal print would be delivered within 10 working days. Given the level of creativity and attention to detail required on both our shoots and our post-production work, this may fluctuate slightly. We will ensure no artwork is ever rushed and that you’re always presented with the very best final product.

Interior photos would take an average of 5 days owing to the editing time of each photo that we do.

Your artwork will be presented on a wonderful metal print that can be displayed on your wall. The photography is fused onto a thin panel of aluminium in a special print process that picks up all the details of your property and the surrounding elements. Your artwork will carry a beautiful depth with profound colour definition that will ensure it stands out on display.

For interior photography the images are supplied as hi-res images straight to your inbox.

Most properties are suitable for a Fine Art Photograph from homes to hotels to businesses. I'll either come to visit you or if you're more than an hour away I'll ask you to send a photo of the property you're thinking of to make sure it's suitable.

For interior photography all properties are suitable for the photographs to show your property at it's best.

Where I'm based

I'm based in the town of Halifax with great links to Huddersfield, Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate, Ilkley, York, Dewsbury, Haworth and the rest of West Yorkshire I can even go over the Pennines to Manchester and Lancashire.

I can cover all areas, expenses may be payable depending on travel time.

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