Unique photography to capture the personality of your property

We display photos of places we’ve visited, occasions we’ve celebrated, and moments we’ve marked. Yet we often forget to showcase the place where we make our most important memories: our home.

Bespoke fine art photography captures both the beauty of your property and the warmth of your home. It uses specialist techniques to create impressive artwork that displays every detail of your unique house, showcasing its artistry in its own individual way.

Enjoy your architect’s vision from indoors with a beautiful, property photograph. The image also makes a stunning heirloom, so you can take your memories with you when it’s time to move on.

Fine art property photography uses images taken throughout the day and built upon layer by layer. The result is a stunning piece of creative, distinctive, fine wall artwork to showcase the personality and style of your home, captured in its own unique way.

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Three steps to property photography perfection

I take photographs of your property at three different times of day: daylight, sunset, and after dark. I capture the images all in one session, making this one seamless process for you.

Lighting and time lapse techniques, developed over my 15 years as a photographer, showcase your home at its finest moments.
Depending on the time of year, you can expect me to be with you for around three to four hours to bring out your property’s individual character and personality.

Screenshot Daylight Sue800px

Day time

Your first photos will be taken around an hour before dusk, with your house lights turned off.

This is when I’ll capture the images that make up the base of your artwork.

Screenshot after sunset Sue800px


Your next set of images are taken at nightfall, just after dark.

Here, the interior details are captured to showcase the features inside your home.

Screenshot light painting 2 Sue800px

Night time

Once dark, I’ll ask you to turn on the lights inside your home to take another set of images.

I’ll shine a hand-held light on your property at just the right moments to pick up every unique detail.

The finest details captured in a bespoke piece of photography

Once I’ve taken the images, I’ll work on them in my studio to create your unique fine wall artwork. Individual details blend together to compose your bespoke property photograph, building the image layer by layer and polishing it until it’s perfect.

When every finishing touch is in place, you’ll be invited to view your personal property photograph digitally.

When you’re happy, I’ll prepare your image, ready to transform it into your bespoke artwork.

If you’d like me to arrange a copy for you to display, you can choose either a framed print or a metal print. The metal print gives the finished product a rich colour ideal for a large piece of fine wall art.

You’ll see examples of both, so you can choose which is right for your home.

Here's what delighted clients have said

In my business as a financial adviser, attention to detail is very important. I approached Karen about her ‘house portrait’ service, and I have to admit, attention to detail for this had to be as good as in my profession.
Karen, and her assistant (husband), came to my house last December, and spent a full afternoon arranging the front of the house and amending the lighting several times.
This was difficult for the inside of the house as they had to rely on me following instructions for that!!
The results that came from this were a ‘Wow’ spectacular and myself and my wife are now choosing an appropriate frame to put the resultant portrait in, so we can show this off in our house.
I would recommend Karen’s house portrait service to anyone who wants a great memory of their residential property, as this can obviously be kept, and displayed, for years.
Several of my neighbours and friends have already shown an interest in this service.
Thanks Karen


Karen visited one evening to photograph my house, first she made sure everything looked as good as it could do.
The results were fantastic!
This photograph reflects my additions to my home that belonged to my parents before me and will be treasured for many years to come.
Great job Karen!


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