InteriorsWindows correct exposure of a loft style apartment

What is involved in preparing to photograph a property?

High quality interior photos are important to many people including hotels, architects, interior designers, estate agents, airbnb hosts to name a few. It’s important to emphasize that photography plays a very important part in advertising your business. Making you stand out from the crowd.

If you photograph the inside of a room to get the correct exposure for the furniture and the objects inside, even on a dull day, the outside will be overexposed. This is because there is such a stark contrast of light between the inside and the outside. This can be seen in the first image where there is correct exposure in the room. However the windows are excessively bright and not what you would see with your eyes.

The second image is where the exposure is correct for the outside. This showcases that this apartment is in a beautiful area with trees outside. Unfortunately the room inside is too dark so you can’t see any detail at all within the room.

To solve this problem I use flash to bring out the details and accurate colours. I then layer the images together to create one photo that is correctly exposed for the inside and outside. This produces a very accurate, high quality photo that would attract your clients attention.

By using a mixture of photos an image is created that accurately produces what your eyes see.

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